In the February of 2016, I found myself amidst the bustling chaos of Los Angeles, on a cinematic journey to document the soulful blues artist Cedric Burnside, who was in town for the Grammy Awards. The week was a tumultuous one, shattering the idyllic illusions I had harbored about crafting a film that embodied true authenticity. Like many romanticized notions, my lofty dreams came crashing down. In dire need of solace and rediscovery, I yearned to redirect my focus towards the resplendent facets of existence, to rekindle my faith in the essence of humanity. A dear Romanian writer friend who lived in Santa Monica beckoned me to a rare spectacle, a super-bloom that occurs but once in a decade in the desolate expanse of Death Valley. Without hesitation, we embarked on an impromptu sojourn the following day, our car carrying us into the heart of the arid wilderness. For three days and nights, we wandered through the undulating terrain, chasing the ephemeral radiance that painted the landscape in a surreal, ethereal hue. As you can discern from this collection, the experience transcended the ordinary, possessing a profound, almost medicinal quality. These photographs encapsulate the enchantment I bore witness to and managed to capture through the lens of my camera.